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“…Bev you are so GOOD !!! Love, love your work! ”

– Shirley Piscina
Company Director & Founder, Silk Oil of Morocco (AUS)

“I love the knowledge learnt and connections made at NLP Core Skills. I learnt so many new things and models that are highly beneficial both personally and professionally

– Samantha Needle
Thermomix Area Manager (NSW)

“I can’t believe how much I have learnt from your DECIDE IT, DATE IT, DO IT course. I have very much loved and learnt an enormous amount … Thank you for everything you have shared. I can’t begin to tell you how much I have grown!…With grateful thanks…”

– Joanne Molloy
Independent Arbonne Consultant (VIC)

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Here’s a question directed to around 35% of Direct Sales Leaders and Consultants …Are you still procrastinating about getting on with the actions you KNOW you should be stepping into today? Well – the good news about an old unresourceful...

The 3 Keys To Your Best Festive Season Ever In Direct Sales

I’ve a very important topic to talk about, with those of you who choose to make your income, and build your career, in Direct Selling! You see - right now at the time of this blog - it’s early November and I’ve been out and about speaking at direct sales conferences,...

The Diamonds in Your Hands

Isn’t it funny how you can read a classic story, written almost 200 years ago, and immediately notice the relevance for today…and specifically for boosting your DIRECT SALES a business? It was back in the mid-1800s when Russell H Conwell first delivered the story...

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