So you’ve invested in a home based business because there was that flash , that moment, when you truly believed you could build it up , create and have the best of both worlds – a great income AND a family lifestyle that gave you back time. And here you are wondering why is it there are definitely people in this business creating that successful income and life, and yet YOU are hearing “no thanks’ from people you speak with?  Deep down your self-talk is niggling with more and more doubt and it is looking like the rubber is about to hit the road. It’s time to commit to yourself and make this work or keep with that fulltime job where you make money for someone else, in the hours that you are making  fit around your family and what you REALLY desire because – when you work for someone else – that boss chooses the hours and controls how you live your week, your life.

So what’s the secret? What’s the key? What’s missing so you feel more confident about your business, more comfortable selling , experience more YES and notice your selfconfidence and your sales results, booking results and team growth building, so you can create that magnificent life you and your family deserves?

I’ve been there and I created a healthy, sustainable, fun and consistent business.  Over more than a decade, I stepped through a true career journey in Direct Sales/Party Plan from Consultant in the field, to leading and developing Teams, influencing State Teams for GROWTH, and sharing with others HOW to create results they desired…all the way to Corporate in the Australian Head Office as National Sales Training & Development Manager.  I know how to attain, maintain and own that skillset and that mindset required for success. Oh, YES – you need both!

So let’s start our journey together . You’re invited to enter your details for my FREE download on this page.  Why is this sensational information FREE? Because I’m on a mission to inspire DIRECT SALES consultants & leaders to create their magnificent life. Go ahead –  YOU can!

Remember …your Direct Sales/Party Plan business is not your ‘life’
…it’s your vehicle for a great life!


Beverley is featured in the Direct Sales Australia (DSA) Speakers’ Directory and a sought after Guest Presenter at DSA National Conferences

Achieve your dream, live your vision, love your goal – LOVE WHAT YOU DO

“Your Direct Sales/Party Plan Business is your VEHICLE FOR SUCCESS!”

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