• How to achieve your goal

  • How to breakthrough your limits

  • How to accelerate your results


Direct Sales Leaders & Consultants LOVE the relevance, the practical tools and the inspiration discovered at NLP CORE SKILLS (4 days)  with

“I loved everything about NLP Core Skills (4 day course) and have put so many tools into my business and into my training. I am seeing results immediately”

- Thermomix Area Manager, Queensland North

“I loved everything about NLP Core Skills (4 day course) and have put so many tools into my business and into my training. I am seeing results immediately”

- Thermomix Area Manager, Queensland North

“So much value – the tools and practical application”

- Julie-ann Hogan, Executive Manager for Leadership & Development, Thermomix in Australia & New Zealand

“NLP Core skills…was relevant, challenging, fun and magic! Everyone managed the content and never felt left behind. The pace was excellent and I love Bev’s  style and inclusion!” 

- Marianne Harris, LEAD TRAINER, Thermomix in Australia & New Zealand

“Thank you seems inadequate for the value I got out of our time together at the 4 days NLP Core Skills – truly, sincerely THANK YOU. I’m so excited to see where this new awareness will lead me and how that will positively influence the people around me. (It’s) such important work you do helping people, like me, live our best life. I’m very grateful and completely in awe of the NLP gift”

- Direct Sales Leader, Australia

“Everything at NLP Core Skills was made relevant to my purpose. It’s applicable in business and in life” 

- Bec Cameron, Thermomix Branch Manager, Moreton Queensland

“Your engaging style and inclusion was so strong. Everyone felt valued. I have clarity and great new skills for coaching, training and life in general” 

- Eileen Macpherson, Thermomix Area Manager, Victoria East

“…engaging…relevant…Everyone was heard and Bev always respected everyone’s questions with thoughtful and thorough answers”

- Fleur Sharpe, Thermomix Branch Manager, Brisbane North

“NLP Core Skills was completely relevant to what I wanted to know. A fantastic group, very inclusive – all in a beautiful space for learning and sharing…I love the AH-HA moments along the way!”

- Jackie Floris, ENJO South Island Regional Manager, New Zealand

“I loved the NLP Core Skills course and have found it to be so helpful in my personal and business life”

- Tess Zanco, Thermomix Junior Branch Manager, Queensland South

“You have a great ability to understand where people are at with concepts and helping them to stick for each individual. I love the learning and tools in the toolbox!” 

- Brooke Long, Thermomix Regional Manager, QLD/NSW/ACT

“I love how you presented NLP Core Skills in context, to what I do in my career role. The content has given me what I needed for right now AND for growth, moving forward.”

- Donna O’Sullivan, Thermomix Branch Manager, Central Queenslan

What is Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)?

Have you ever wanted to breakthrough and take your personal or professional life to the next level, but didn’t know the way? NLP shows you HOW.

NLP is not an invention. It’s the study of human excellence and the strategies we use to gain results. It’s not about WHAT we do ~ it’s about HOW we do it. Researched, studied and developed by John Grinder and Richard Bandler  decades ago; NLP is an exquisite body of knowledge that stays relevant and evolving in it’s practical use in TODAY’s WORLD.

The content and application of NLP provides solutions for millions of people at a multitude of career levels and in fields as diverse as Direct Selling, Business, Sport, Education, Industry, Not For Profits, Government, Health, the Arts…..AND in Personal and Professional growth and development.

NLP can be described as the instruction manual for the mind, and it leads to an understanding of how our thinking influences our results.

NLP equips you with strategies to improve your quality of life, your career, your relationships with self AND your relationship with others. Consider it a study of how successful people do what they do!

Improve your performance, achieve your goals, model excellence, communicate effectively, transform your direct sales business results….. and your life!

At our BE YOU SUCCESS COACHING NLP courses, you’ll discover how to…

  • Be more effective, efficient and successful
  • Improve your influencing and motivating skills
  • Raise the quality of your life
  • Create clarity and inspired direction for yourself
  • Communicate more effectively with yourself and others
  • Eliminate fears and negative self talk
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Discover the success secrets of high achievers
  • Flip those undesired behaviours and bad habits
  • Identify and achieve your personal goals and professional outcomes
  • Have a greater appreciation for self and others
  • Build confidence and self esteem
  • Wake up every day even more into ‘life’ than you were the day before…

Perhaps you have noticed some people appear more gifted, or more successful, than others. Success leaves clues, and NLP helps you unlock the code and de-mystify ‘HOW‘. NLP courses are practical and useful training of strategies that work, and these strategies are simplified into techniques and processes to immediately apply.

With the keys to unlocking your own potential in your hands; NLP gives you the ability to fast-track your results, apply and excel in your field, achieve your goals –  in life and business – and experience fulfillment

NLP Core Skills ~ 4 days

BE YOU uniquely tailors NLP Core Skills
for Direct Sales Leaders & Consultants

NLP Practitioner Certification ~ 7 days

and BE YOU SUCCESS COACHING’s specialist NLP courses:

NLP for Speakers, Trainers & Presenters

NLP for Business & Leadership

See our LIVE PUBLIC EVENTS page for upcoming NLP course dates, currently open to the public,  and available NOW for registration

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